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Dance Of The Feminine Weekend Workshop

With Schirin Chams-Diba - The Boiler House Studio -Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th of July 2018

Dance Of The Feminine Weekend Workshop

This weekend workshop will serve as a sacred space for women to ‘come home’ together and to themselves…to recognize their truest Essence and to see another in their Essence.

​The feminine essence is one of space, limitless possibilities, listening, all seeing, compassionate, love in all its expressions, protective, sovereign, sensual, life affirming, creative, spiral shaped, nature loving and true expressions of each woman’s identity in all shapes, sizes, ages, from all walks of life.

Dance of the Feminine™ is poetry of the body expressed in ancient meaningful gestures. It is a symphony of moving pictures and framed poses, a revelation of the deep soul through the Sacred Feminine Arts.

Dance is a language that reunites the body, mind, and soul. Through dance we experience a different dimension and merge with the greater dance of the Universe. Mother Nature is the direct expression of the Divine Creation, all sacred geometry to be found in her vastness- the geometry of the universe.In our circle of sisters we weave mystical practices, wisdom teachings and sacred dance traditions in accordance with our true feminine nature.

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This Weekend Workshop includes...

  • Mystical Persian Dance
  • Odissi classical Indian Dance
  • Mystical Belly Dance
  • Tantra Yoga and Ritual
  • Sufi Mysticism

About Schirin Chams-Diba

Schirin Chams-Diba is a dancer, yogini, mystic woman, nature lover, healer and world-traveller from the heart. From a young age, she has followed the inner and very distinct call of her soul to embark on a life-long journey full of healing, magic, beauty, adventure, truth, in-depth study as well as the sharing of skills in service to the greater good.

Over time it has become clear that all these highly acquired skills are branches of the ‘Path of Feminine Mystics’. As part of life’s adventure and an initiation of trust in herself and Spirit , Schirin travelled all around the globe as her personal ‘pilgrimage’ to experience and to learn from the traditions and master teachers of each of the skills she feels drawn to.

The branches include:
~various sacred, classical and folkloric dances from the Romani (Gypsy) trail, the Middle East, Central Asia and India
~ esoteric arts such as Yoga, Tantra, Inherent Feminine Wisdom, Priestess work, Shamanism and Sufism

~ the healing arts such as Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Flower Essence Therapy, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy and the green ways of the Wise Woman

Early on in her path of sacred movement, Schirin intuited the esoteric commonalities between Yoga and various dance forms: ritualized spirit-infused moving mystery, kundalini Shakti cultivation, heart/womb medicine, breath connection, the non-linear path, sacred geometry, full embodiment, healing, moving from guided body/soul wisdom as well as listening to the elements, earth and celestial tides. In dance she witnesses the marriage between Spirit and Form.

Schirin places emphasis on a safe learning environment with a solid technical foundation as well as a holistic experience for women in which they can feel strengthened in their Individual femininity, creativity, sensuality, joy, grace, power and a sense of communal togetherness. Schirin offers group classes, workshops, multiple-day intensives and privates. The level of intensity is relative to the group’s/individual’s ability.

Weekend Workshop Details....

This weekend workshop is held at The Boiler House Studio.

Saturday 14th of July 12:30pm – 7:30pm (optional supper afterwards)

Sunday 15th of July 10am – 5pm

Spaces are limited. The investment is £185 for the weekend. The early bird offer of £150 is available until the 1st of June

Saturday Only option £95  …however the workshop day goes by very quickly as we all drop in with one another and go deeper into our experience of sacred movement, connection and self-understanding. Both days are highly recommended.

The address for the studio is:

The Boiler House, Shirehall Lane, Bury St. Edmunds IP33 2BA. There is free parking surrounding the studio



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