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Post-natal Massage

Some precious time for you, in your home, at a time that suits you.

Post-nata Massage

Post- natal massage is something that is often over-looked but it can be very beneficial to your recovery and general well being after the birth of your baby. I offer a mobile service in post-natal massage as I feel this is such an important time for the new mother, yet very little time gets given to support her on a physical and emotional level in the early months of motherhood.  The body goes through huge changes after the birth and although your life will have changed forever, it can take more than a year to get back to ‘normal’ and it is easy to forget to look after yourself. While you enjoy the post-natal massage, your new-born can lie beside you on the table or you can bring a friend or partner to care for your baby during the session.


Benefits of Post-natal Massage

  • Soothe muscle strain after birth
  • Relieve aching shoulders from breast feeding
  • Rejuvenate you after giving birth
  • Helps reduce post-natal depression
  • Help tummy to shrink back to pre -pregnancy position
  • Gives you valuable “me” time

What To Expect

I will take a consultation where your needs and preferences will be taken into consideration, as well as taking a full medical case history. Aromatherapy can also be included in the treatment to enhance the massage by uplifting emotions as well as soothing aching joints and muscles. Essential oils will be selected specifically for your treatment in a tailor made synergistic blend. Massage treatments can include “closing the bones” a perfect treatment to start your recovery from birth.

As well as massage I will also look at supporting the mother’s long-term health, with suggestions for exercises for the mother with and without baby and guidance for postural awareness. As a clinical aromatherapist I can also prepare you bespoke blends to support the healing process for scars and mastitis.

Please add an extra £5 to the fee for home visits.