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Well Woman Rhythms Seasonal Workshop - Sunday 23rd of September 10am -5pm @ The Boiler House yoga studio

A seasonal workshop unfolding the mysteries of being a woman and sharing valuable techniques to support you in staying healthy, grounded and balanced.

Well Woman Rhythms

Do you regularly suffer PMS, anxiety or extreme mood swings? Do you find your energy levels, tolerance and capacity fluctuate dramatically throughout the month or year? If so, take a step to discover why this happens and invest in time to understand how we can support ourselves by tuning into and working in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of nature around us.

During this seasonal workshop we will be unfolding the mysteries of being a woman and sharing valuable techniques to support you in staying healthy, grounded and balanced. We will be guiding women to understand how they can work with the flow of their feminine cycles to achieve all they desire rather than drive on at the expense of physical and emotional burnout.

Stephanie and Hannah will be sharing the wisdom and knowledge gained through years of experience in yoga, holistic massage, aromatherapy, the healing arts and feminine and natural cycles. Drawing on both Yogic and Celtic traditions, using massage, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and cycle awareness, these workshops aim to support women of all ages gain greater awareness of their feminine cycles – to use them to their advantage and create a life that thrives through application of their own powerful personal rhythm.


Join us to:

  • Discover how to dramatically reduce or eliminate PMS or menopause symptoms
  • Help shift debilitating conditions such as IBS, abdominal cramps and low back ache
  • Discover natural methods to support fertility and conception security
  • Identify key times you are dynamic and productive or more creative and intuitive
  • Understand potential times of higher emotional sensitivity and gain tools to cope with this

Workshop Details

The investment is:


Full payment is required upon booking to secure your place.

Spaces are limited.

Cancellation policy: 2 weeks notice is required for 100% refund (minus a £10 booking fee). Less then 2 weeks notice the workshops are 50% refundable.


Dates and Times

These seasonal workshops will be on Sundays 10am -5pm on the following dates:

SPRING – 18th of March  Love & Growth

SUMMER – 17th of June – Awareness & Power

AUTUMN –  23rd of September – Creativity & Abundance

WINTER – 2nd of December – Surrender & Release