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Pregnancy Yoga Nidra Workshop

Monthly 2 hour workshop to support the mother to be through yoga, meditation and aromatherapy. Saturdays 3:30pm - 5:30pm at the Boiler House Yoga Studio in the centre of Bury St. Edmunds.

Pregnancy Yoga Nidra

I welcome you to join me for a warm and friendly nurturing 2 hour workshop  where you can indulge yourself in the beautiful flowing postures of pregnancy yoga. These Asanas (postures and movements) are adapted from Hatha yoga and are designed to give you strength and stability whilst preparing your body for labour, as well as providing relief for pregnancy related aches and pains. These postures can also have a revitalizing effect on body and mind whilst maintaining suppleness in a safe and stabilizing way.

Yoga Nidra literally translated means “yogic sleep”.  Yoga Nidra is a healing and transformative practice and gives you the opportunity to find deep relaxation and bond with your baby.

The breathing practices and dedicated relaxation elements help you feel calmer, improve sleep and boost energy… Creating a feeling of wellbeing and confidence in mind, body and spirit whilst giving you time to connect to your baby and prepare for the life change ahead.

I am a clinical aromatherapist with specialised training in aromatherapy and pregnancy. I will share with you the benefits of aromatherapy in pregnancy and labour and there will be opportunity to purchase aromatherapy blends to support you on your journey in pregnancy and birth.

This workshop  is open to all, complete beginners and experienced yogis. Classes are taught from 12 gestational weeks.

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  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Understand effective use of pelvic floor
  • Promote relaxation and sleep
  • Strengthens the muscles for labour
  • Learn optimal position for labour
  • Breathing techniques for birth preparation and labour
  • Aromatherapy for pregnancy and birth

What to expect

This is a 2 hour workshop where the emphasis is on deep relaxation for the pregnant mother. Combining strengthening postures, breath work for labour and meditation, finishing with Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation. During these pregnancy workshops you will meet others mothers who will provide you with a support network through pregnancy and into motherhood.

These workshops are taught in The Boiler House, a beautiful dedicated yoga studio in the heart of Bury. St Edmunds on Saturdays 3:30pm – 5:30pm. The workshop costs £20 and 

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