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Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra Workshop

Thursday 21st of December 7pm -9pm

Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra

I warmly invite you to join me for this special candlelit Winter Solstice Yoga Nidra workshop. Celebrate the shortest day whilst giving yourself the space to feel and experience the now.  During this busy time cultivate meaning and understanding as you transition into the winter months, where we’ll explore our inner landscape from a state of deep rest.

Yoga Nidra is a state of dynamic sleep whilst maintaining inner awareness which induces complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. It is a state of consciousness, which is neither asleep or awake.

Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), guides us to the creative and restorative place between waking and sleeping where body and mind are quiet, allowing our innate clarity and presence to surface…Instead of identifying with our circumstances, thoughts and feelings it teaches us to identify with what is unchanging. With regular practice Yoga Nidra can help us to become objective and aware of what is going around us, and to respond mindfully rather that reacting out of habits.

Yoga Nidra is an excellent way to develop Pratyahara, the practice of turning the senses inward as a foundation for deeper meditative states. The various stages of Yoga Nidra purify the subconscious mind, open the third eye chakra, cultivate the witness state and aid in the smooth flow of prana (vital energy) around the body and into parts of the being that may have become cut off from it.




Benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Alleviates symptoms of Insomnia
  • Supportive for Post Traumatic Stress
  • Restores a sense of well being and clarity
  • Useful for coping with depression
  • Creates a mindful attitude of non-attachment
  • Improves memory and creativity

What to expect

This Yoga Nidra workshop includes some gentle restorative postures, followed by the practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation which includes a rotation of consciousness around the body. During the mediation it is useful to view your body as a guest house where yoga nidra teaches you to invite in every imaginable guest for “tea and Conversation” Yoga Nidra creates a welcoming path where you can learn to meet, greet and welcome everything that life brings to your table.  During this practice you are lying in savasana on yoga mats, fully supported with bolsters, cushions and blankets to enable a deeply relaxing experience. Specific meditative essential oils are included to infuse in the room, creating a deeply grounding synergistic experience when combined with the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra.

Limited Spaces

This workshop is limited to 15 in the warm and light space that is The Boiler House in central Bury St. Edmunds. The address is:

The Boiler House, Bury St. Edmunds, Ip33 2Ba

There is free parking outside the studio and I invite you to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier to settle yourself in to the yoga studio.

The workshop costs £20.

To book your place please click on the booking link. Your place will be confirmed once I have received your payment.